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I have always enjoyed watching my clients grow and prosper, and those are the experiences I am truly after. My goal is to provide clients the absolute best competitive edge possible, to help them achieve their dreams and goals, and to leave the business world a little more successful than when I found it.

After many years in the field of business and technology, I found myself immersed in a world of opportunity waiting to happen. In the technical services field, I generally found myself performing technical services for companies until they were ready for the remainder of my offerings. I have had the realization - perhaps a revelation - that what is most important to me is to be deeply involved with things that truly matter. I have since had to inventory my entire skill set and list of offerings in order to analyze how best to approach this new direction, this very necessary direction. I had to compare what I have to offer with what I need to do, and as it turns out, they weren't that far apart from each other.

Opportunity waiting to happen. This was the missing link, and the moment I realized it, the path couldn't have been more clear. I needed to help eliminate the "waiting" aspect of the problem. You see, what I found was the biggest detriment to businesses everywhere was also the greatest source of frustration for businesses. consultants, employees, and vendors everywhere. Waiting. Waiting for what, you ask? Waiting to learn how to successfully navigate within the business world that just happens to demand the technology component. Every business that survives eventually learns how, but the process is slow, painful, expensive, and frustrating. And this is precisely the area I excel in. I am helping business learn how to navigate within the maze of technology necessity. Imagine that! A consultant who wants to disclose the secrets of successfully cohesive technology/business existence! Hi! I am Mark Champion.

I have already been asked by a few clients if I am still going to provide their technical services. The answer to that is a resounding "YES!" Anyone that knows me knows full well my sheer joy and pleasure when working on a server, designing networks, and in being submerged in all things technical. I am a technologist, and I always will be. As stated above, my thrust is not all that different than it was before. I just want to be involved in work that can positively impact others in the greatest manner my skill set will allow.

In order to approach my goals, I have written a book that teaches businesses how to successfully navigate within their technology/business environment, and win. The book, titled "Working Your Network, Vol. 1: Managing Technology - From Survival to Success", is actually part one in a trilogy to be released within the year. In Volume 1, I disclose the techniques you need to implement in order to provide a solid technology backbone for your company. In Volume 2, I build upon those principals and provide "how to" for the next step in a businesses evolution - the advent of the IT department. If you thought managing technology was misunderstood before, wait until you learn about this exciting step for your business! Everyone knows about the "IT department". I want you to know what the IT departments purpose really is, and how to build one intelligently - or correct one that has gone astray. Finally, in Volume 3, I address many of the issues concerning the next step of business growth: preparing your business for sale, change of power, or going public. Included will be commentary from some of the most respected figures in the business world that have been there. Throughout these volumes, I promise to write in plain English, avoid overtly technical discussions, and make the material digestible by even the most novice business owner, manager, or employee. I want this information in the hands of those that can use it, and anyone can use this material. I promise.

Additionally, I am back to speaking and training! I took a few years off from that to get my ideas together and recoup my sanity for the road ahead. I have always enjoyed public speaking and training, and have decided to integrate that into my work once again. It is a necessary aspect of my dream to help every individual and business in America learn to grow and prosper, and I love this part of the job. So, if you have heard me speak before, want me to speak for your organization, or have a special request, please contact me. I am addressing the training component through seminars that I have designed and am currently testing. I hope to see all of you at one of the seminars near you. I promise they are not like anything you have ever been to! And, I guarantee they will pay for themselves before you ever leave - you will have a better business when you are done!

Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you reading this, those that have supported and trusted me over the years, and those that will in the future. You know I talk a lot about business, and a lot about technology. My goal is to show you how they are one and the same. My goal is to show you why - and how you can put this concept to work for your business. I guarantee you the fastest solid growth experience possible by merging these concepts.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, suggestions, or requests.

See you at the top!


Mark Champion

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I have the knowledge. I have the experience. I love what I do. I play to win. I have a very personal interest in your success.
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My Mission

"To be immersed in work that truly matters. To help others by giving everything I have to offer. To make successes of my dreams. To live a dynamic life, and help others do the same."

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