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Current Projects

This product has been released as of 12.20.06

Working Your Network, Vol. 1: Managing Technology - From Survival to Success

You are in business - you either work for, manage, or own a business. Now learn how to manage the technology that enables your business. This book effectively alters your reality on the subject of technology, and allows you to reverse the struggle that always occurs when dealing with the technology component. Think about the implications inherent with your actually reversing the negative aspects of nearly all technology environments - what would it mean to you, your company, and your ability to compete?

Get your copy today and learn the secrets of great business and technology management. We offer a full money-back guarantee that this book will make a very positive contribution to you and your company. Order now! 6x9 - 432 pages $49.95 read more



Scheduled release date: 1/30/2007

Working Your Network, Vol. 1: The Workbook

This companion to WYN, Vol. 1 is being developed to guide you through the technology maze within your organization. Provides exercises that immediately address the issues you are dealing with, correcting problems and optimizing your technology environment - all with the interest of propelling your organization to the "next level". Upon completion, you will have complete documentation, systems, designs - everything you need to run your business intelligently

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Scheduled release date: 1/30/2007

Working Your Network, Vol. 1: CD Audio Series

Like books on tape? You'll love the audio series for WYN, Vol. 1. Professionally recorded, narrated by the author himself, this series includes every chapter in WYN, Vol. 1, with additional commentary. This series is insightful, educational, inspirational and at times entertaining and humorous. He is currently considering the inclusion of a few of his public speaking recordings as a bonus. If you would like to see this inclusion, please tell us what you would like to hear!

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Other Projects

Aside from the projects that are immediately up-and coming, I have a few other things in the works as well. Please check out the WYN web site to learn more about product development.

As always, I am very busy helping clients with their technology solutions. Need my help?
contact me

Currently working with a company that specializes in CAD development to formulate a product to assist in producing network design illustrations.

Speaking! That's right, I am developing an entire suite of speeches that compliment the WYN series. Stay tuned for more info. Or, contact me for more information or to request a speech for your organization.
Working Your Network Seminars are coming! Finalization of these progressive training experiences mean that they are coming soon! Be there! read more